How to Secure Luggage When Traveling

It’s important to protect your luggage while traveling and there are simple ways that one can do so.

1. Getting the right traveling insurance

Losing your belongings is very inconvenient and it can also be expensive to replace especially if you carry electronic devices such as camera. Laptop or smartphone. Therefore, it’s important you get the best insurance cover while on a trip. Ensure you carefully read the policy description of the insurance to make sure it can fully cover all your belongings in case they get lost.

2. Buy a tamper-proof luggage

Invest in luggage that is resistant to tampering. This is by buying luggage that contains either anti-puncture zippers, anti-slash or even has hasps instead of zippers. Luggage that contains these features has been known to be secure.

3. Keep your belongings in unorthodox places

Place your most valuable items in unexpected places, for example, you can place your money on an article of clothing and fold it instead of putting in a pocket. This will help in securing your valuable items.

4. Keep your belonging in line of sight

It’s important to never leave your bags unattended. Always keep eye contact if you have to leave your bag.

5. Carry only the important gear for your trip

It’s more secure to carry few items as opposed to many belongings. It’s, therefore, easier to protect one bag as compared to two or more bags. In some countries such as the United States, a specific lock is recommended to enhance the security of your items.

6. Secure your daypack

If traveling by road ensure that your daypack is properly secured this is by making sure no pockets are flapping open and all the zippers are closed. In congested areas, it is more secure to carry your bag on the front as opposed to carrying it on the back. If you’re carrying handbag then hangs it diagonally over the shoulder and make sure the bag is not hanging loosely on the shoulders as it becomes easier for it to be stolen.

7. Ensure you personally pack and carry your belongings

By personally packing your items you become aware of the items in your bag. Only carry your own bag and not anyone else as you may not have any knowledge on what is in their bags, some can even be carrying illegal things.

8. Get a luggage wrapping service

If you want to further enhance the security of your bag you can get the luggage wrapping service which encases the luggage in a film of transparent plastic using a machine.

This film secures the luggage from minor scratches, rain or even spills. In case the luggage has been tampered with, it gives you an immediate alert and the problem can be dealt with right away.

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