Switzerland Travel Guide

We all want to go somewhere, where our body and soul feel relax and want to enjoy the moments of life with friends and family. You might travel a lot of places and there are so beautiful and eye-catching destinations that get your eyes open and you do not want to blink. One of the most beautiful places around the world is Switzerland. The place has so many green mountains and the air is extremely fresh.

Best Time to Travel

If you are planning to visit any country or want to go to the best locations then Switzerland is best for the tour. The time between April to mid of October is the best time to visit Switzerland.

Lakes and Mountains

It is well known for its lakes and villages and its large mountains. Zurich is the main and capital city of Switzerland and known for its mountains. If you are a hiking freak then it’s a paradise for you.

It has beautiful resorts on peaks of mountains and scenes from there are awesome. It has the most beautiful lakes and lakes are about 1000 plus and the main cause of tourism.

There are many places to visit there but you should visit the following places:

Swiss National Park

Swiss National Park is a very beautiful park in the mountains and covers a vast area. There are also many animals in this park like Deer, Ibexes and Chamois.

Swiss Alps

The Matterhorn is the mountain of Alps and one of the highest peaks and heaven for skiing lovers. It is also a border between Italy and Switzerland.


There are many waterfalls in Switzerland but the largest and most stunning Rhine waterfall near the town of Schaffhausen is a must visit the place. Every year many tourists come only to witness the fireworks on the national day of Switzerland.

Cleanliness and Security

No country can beat Switzerland in its cleanliness and security is also very good there. Its transportation is also very good and there is hardly any place where there is no public transport connection. There are many castles in the regions of Switzerland and it is the same that you read or listen in fairytales.


When you go somewhere you also check their food because nobody would enjoy if food is not good but it is not a problem Switzerland has many amazing foods and that is very clean and hygienic that includes Zurcher Geschnetzeltes and Rosti. Chocolate is also very popular there and there are many chocolate manufacturers there.